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Learn HOW to EXPLODE Your Sales in just 30 minutes for FREE!

*Valued at USD 1000

Discover the proven step-by-step system hundreds of our clients are using to add thousands of new sales, during the pandemic – for FREE!
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Make Sales Easier for YOU

In this FREE challenge (Valued at USD 1,000), Daniel Tolson shares his simple and highly effective strategies for making sales EASIER and EXPLODING your sales results FASTER!

In just 5 days, you’ll be SPEAKING CONFIDENTLY about your products and services, CLOSING new SALES EASIER and START SERVING MORE customers.

  • Learn the 8 SIMPLE STEPS our clients are using to close 138,000,000 in sales during the pandemic (it’s easier than you think).
  • Get the exact SCRIPTS & TEMPLATES our clients are using to close 400 new sales - no reinventing the wheel - just PLUG n’ PLAY!
  • Discover how our clients are PRICING their products and services so PROSPECTS BUY IMMEDIATELY and STOP OBJECTING TO PRICE.
  • Learn HOW to USE SOCIAL MEDIA to generate HUNDREDS of FREE sales leads almost IMMEDIATELY.
  • BONUS: Get Daniel’s advice on YOUR SALES STRATEGIES for 5 DAYS (valued at USD 1,000).

The psychology of overcoming objection

Roadmap to SUCCESS

On Day One

  • ​You will learn the eight key areas of selling
  • ​You will create a roadmap to develop your performance in these eight key areas
  • ​You will put plans in place to determine your nice and perfect customer

On Day Two

  •  You will learn how to start researching your competitors and prospects
  • You will learn five of the best pricing strategies 
  • You will create scripts to arrest the attention of your perfect customer

On Day Three

  • You will learn how to connect with the prospect head by establishing your credentials and qualifications for helping the prospect with your type of product or service
  • You will learn how to connect with the heart by practicing good people skills such as courtesy, empathy, acknowledgement, and rapport building
  • You will learn the scripts and dialogue for educational selling so your customers buys today & not tomorrow 

On Day Four

  • You will learn how to educate the buyer by assembling compelling sales materials 
  • You will learn how to collaborate with the buyer selling benefits rather than features
  • You will create your sales goals, targets and identify any fears or limiting beliefs that may sabotage your success

On Day Five

  • You will learn how to gain minor and major agreements toward the buying decision
  • You will learn what words have power and what words do not when closing the sales


Win Sales Now! Digital Sales Training

Values USD $97
+ 23 audio learning tracks
+ 21 digital training systems
+ 100's of practical ideas to grow you sales
You will learn how to:
1. Identify your toughest competition

2. Target your perfect prospects pain points

3. Discover the best words & phrases to describe your products and service

4. How to move away from selling feature to selling the benefits

5. Build a competitive advantage into your systems

6. How to set Sales Goals for you and your team

7. Negotiate the best deal so everyone wins and buys now

…. and so much more!


Valued USD 97
✔️ The science of DISC in a 45-minute group coaching session

In this training, you will learn:

1. How to use the science of DISC to profile your perfect prospect

2. Discover how to sell to each of the 4 DISC styles

3. Improve your presentations to trigger the emotional and real reason why people buy

4. How to identify conflicts between your selling style and the prospects buy style

5. The DISC style strengths to come across as confident and compelling in sales conversations

…. and so much more

Check out some of our success stories [Proof Below]

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Adriana is working with Daniel, she leads a team of 400 and has saved 560,000 applying these ideas. Watch her story now!

Virginia is currently coaching with Daniel, she is a sales leader and has closed 1380,000,000 applying these ideas. Listen to her story now!

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YOU will be working INTIMATELY with Daniel Tolson for 5 days to make sure YOU are READY & SET to EXPLODE your SALES RESULTS.

Because of the HUGE VALUE in this FREE program (Values at USD 1,000), student intakes are strictly LIMITED to 30 participants.

So register NOW! your interest below and Daniel or one of his team will give you a call to get to know your business and make sure you’re ready to  Skyrocket Your Sales.

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